Since 1841, companies have trusted Dun & Bradstreet’s Risk Management Solutions to help them reduce bad credit risk, gain deeper insights into customer performance, optimize cash flows and understand counter party better, prior to entering into a transaction.

Analyse and monitor the financial health of your business relations.

Whatever the nature of your business, there will almost certainly have been times when you’ve had to ask yourself questions such as “Who exactly am I dealing with?”, “Will they pay me and when?” or “How much can I supply to them and on what terms?”
Whether these concerns relate to existing or prospective customers, the only way to answer them is by having a clear, up-to-date insight into each business’s associated risks. To do that you need access to up-to-the-minute credit data, a clear understanding of the company’s current as well as historical financial status (i.e. performing a company credit check) and quick, easy ways to keep yourself informed.

Receive insightful business credit reports from Dun & Bradstreet

To enable you to do this, and profitably grow your customer base without increasing your risk exposure, Dun & Bradstreet delivers the largest, most comprehensive database providing business credit reports and the most reliable risk and financial insight on more than 265 million organisations worldwide. Our reports contain up to date information, collected from various data sources, and a translation into a clear risk assessment.

The information from Dun & Bradstreet provides you with an answer to four important credit management questions:

Who am I doing business with? Identification
When will he pay me? Payment behaviour
Will he pay me? Risk of insolvency
How much can I supply on account? Credit limit

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