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Business Information Report:
The Most Trusted Report for Business Credit Decisions.

D&B Business Information Reports helps to take day-to-day credit decisions, analyse a company's financial strength and discover commercial opportunities.

One of the most trusted sources of business information, the Business Information Report (BIR) helps determine a company's profitability, financial stability, and payment performance. It's an industry standard for evaluating both new and existing credit relationships, especially medium-to-high risk accounts. Also, it supports company's other divisions, like marketing and procurement.

The BIR provides an overall profile of a company, including financial information, payment history, trends, history of business, ownership details, operational information, and details on related firms and special events (such as business moves, fires and other disasters, and Quarterly Performance). It is available on millions of establishments worldwide.

Business Rating Report:
Gain your Stakeholders Confidence for Increased Business Opportunities.

D&B Business Information Reports contain up to date information, collected from various data sources, and a translation into a clear risk assessment.

Audience Generation:
Reach Your Target Audience for your Event.

Dun & Bradstreet assists companies in inviting the right individuals to their events, road shows, conferences, exhibitions through its dedicated call-center facility.

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