Program Development

Government establishments supplement their initiatives via programs that need to be devised appropriately and in a manner that is consistent with overall strategic goals. As such, it is essential to study the stakeholders' views, feedback and aspirations along with market trends and align the findings with the organization’s strategy to come with the most effective program that satisfies its original purpose.

Program Assessment

Entities like governmental establishments, global / financial institutions and business owners highly value proper and systematic feedback on the performance of their programs and initiatives. Assessing the effect of such programs and detecting whether the organization was able to achieve its primary objectives is very critical to the entities’ growth and prosperity, besides getting constant feedback brings in corrective actions that withhold unpleasant surprises. CRIF D&B has the best in class capabilities to carry out such missions on a massive level where it enjoys the capacity to run hundreds of online and offline surveys and simultaneously conducts several interviews and focus groups.

With great focus on SME development programs for government entities, we bring an in-depth knowledge and experience of designing, implementing and conducting impact assessment projects that equips our target market players with insights that support them to establish development-prone environments.

Process Improvement

As the smooth flow of operations is highly crucial, there is a need to align processes and activities effectively to achieve the overall vision of the establishment. Process improvement focuses on helping an organization to define the best flow of activities that result in the most effective procedures. Looking into processes has a strategic dimension as it directly contributes to customers’ best service.

Organizational Restructuring

For matured and competitive establishments, effective lines of communication and smooth flow of operations is exceptionally essential; hence, some of those entities may find it very beneficial to modify the organizational structure and to have documented manuals for organizational units. Organizational restructuring is the mission to come up with such deliverables.

Our team has the experience and capability of providing value-added solutions for improvement in operating efficiency and organizational performance. Our approach starts with the current operational review and assessment, then the proposed state is defined and finally, the implementation takes place.

For the first phase, our approach includes:
  • Assessing stakeholders needs & expectations / satisfaction
  • Conducting internal diagnostic & identifying best practices
  • Conducting gap analysis
  • Developing cross/ upscale/ churn models(analytics)
The team then draws the future state design, which includes:
  • Developing policy manual and process workflows
  • Developing corporate governance frameworks
  • Developing organizational structure
  • Developing sales and services models
  • Designing KPIs and matrices

At the implementation phase, the team ensures that re-engineering process takes place and getting HR processes & change management programs implemented.

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