Feasibility Studies

Whether the decision is to expand to new markets or segments, to start a new venture or to initiate a new product line the best approach to assess & arrive at the best decision is via feasibility studies. CRIF D&B enjoys a substantial business database rich with information that allows for robust market investigation.

Feasibility studies give answers to questions like:
  1. What are the risks? Moreover, what is the expected return?
  2. How good is the demand? How bad is the competition?
  3. What profit margins to expect for the next five years in the best approximation?
  4. After investing money, how much time needed to break even?
  5. What is the business net value in the present given all supply and demand factors?
  6. What is the primary layout of the new operations? Where to be located? Whom to hire?

Financial Planning

Attending to clients' needs is the top priorities of all missions; hence, unique customization to the usual scope is achievable. Some clients have full market insights and know how to operate but cannot articulate a financial model or a budget. We will tailor our service to include a financial plan only.

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