D&B's Due Diligence Report is designed specifically for the business environment and is customized to meet your company’s specific credit risk assessment needs. It is based on a detailed assessment of your customer’s / dealer’s financial and non-financial parameters such as operational performance, sales, employee size, number of years in existence and management quality.

It helps in making smart credit decisions,keeps a close eye on key accounts and monitors customer's / dealer's with access to D&B’s Customized Due Diligence Solutions.

Benefits of D&B’s Customized Credit Assessment Model to your company:

  •   Authenticate the background of new customers / dealers before appointing them or doing business with them
  •   Obtain a neutral assessment of the creditworthiness and business risk of each customer / dealer
  •   Assess whether or not to issue a credit line to these customers / dealers
  •   Frame decision rules pertaining to extending credit lines to customers / dealers based on objective criteria
  •   Monitor credit risk of existing customers periodically to identify potential risks


CCAM: A detailed company credit assessment report that will help with;

  Third Party Assessment
  Improved Funding Prospect
  Effective Marketing Tool
  Highlight Risk Areas
  Empanel with esteemed organisations / Banks / Financial Institutes
credit how it works

How does it work?

A Due Diligence Report works by conducting a thorough investigation and assessment of a business or individual before entering into a transaction or partnership. It involves gathering and analyzing relevant information, such as financial statements, legal history, regulatory compliance, and reputation. The findings are compiled into a comprehensive report that helps the requesting party evaluate potential risks, and opportunities, and make informed decisions based on the subject's background and credibility. Trust CRIF D&B’s expert analysis for secure and successful transactions.

frequently asked questions

Due Diligence is an essential process for an efficient risk management strategy. By conducting Due Diligence, companies understand the potential risks which help to make decisions.

Due Diligence Reports are vital in risk management. This extensive market report examines the relevant aspects of a project, company, or investment. It highlights areas of concern or vulnerability and also includes law and regulatory issues.

Due Diligence Reports help to achieve the long-term company’s objectives. It helps the company to achieve its financial health and hassle-free operations.


To help you easily make sense of, benefit from and track all this data in the way that best suits your needs, we also provide an extensive portfolio of value added risk management solutions including:

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