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5 Simple Rules for Implementing a Master Data Program

Lessons and Insights from a Company in the Trenches More and more organizations are looking to use data and technology at scale to find new ways to engage with customers, partners, vendors and suppliers to gain a competitive advantage. But the volume and velocity of data is overwhelming. Instead, what should be driving meaningful insights
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Why Fluidity is the Goal to Mastering Your Data

Setting Your Data in Motion I’m looking forward to returning to San Francisco in the next few weeks to the MDM & Data Governance Summit. I’ve got nothing but fond (and some foggy) memories of my college days in Berkeley and the Bay Area. I especially loved riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, a true
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You Can’t Handle the Truth? Assessing Truth and Meaning

There is a reason why we promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Each of these is a distinct thing. It’s hard to ignore the concept of Truth, especially in an election year. Accusations of lies, assertions of truth, fact checking, and apologies for “miss-speaking” seem to be everywhere.
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eBook: The Relationship Data Imperative

Using Data and Analytics to Discover Your Most Valuable Business Relationships Long-term success in business has always been about more than just who you know and what you do. It’s dependent on what you do with your customers, prospects, suppliers and partners to help them succeed. Relationships are the longest-standing, most proprietary differentiator for any
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B2B Industry Pressures Shaping the Next Decade of Agency-Client Relationships

The pressure is on. Marketing and advertising technologies – affectionately referred to as “MadTech” – are transforming the agency-client relationship as we know it. A modest 150 players back in 2011 have increased to a dizzying swarm of 3,500 companies, growing by 87% this year alone. It’s tough not to steal the spotlight with a
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Mission Possible: Personalized B2B Marketing in the Age of Colossal Data

If you’re not confused about how to “do” personalization, you’re not paying attention. Business-to-business (B2B) marketers who strive to “personalize” content today are doing more than dropping a prospect’s first name into a promotional email. They’re on a serious quest to deliver a relevant message, at an optimal time, through a preferred channel and device.
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The Tipping Point for B2B Programmatic Advertising

The past year has been a defining moment for B2B’s adoption of programmatic ad buying. B2B companies have become more knowledgeable about programmatic as data-driven targeting has moved into the marketing mainstream. At the same time, programmatic tools are now more capable of delivering the kinds of lead-generation and content-focused campaigns that are essential to
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Data, Degloblization & Dark Horses

The Risks of Disconnection in a Hyperconnected World Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices The Tempest (III, ii) Digital Dystopia We do business in an era of digital dystopia. In many areas of the modern world, our relationships are now defined in part, if not in whole, by
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The Global Risk Matrix

DUN & BRADSTREET HIGHLIGHTS FOUR EMERGING RISKS IN OUR GLOBAL TOP 10 The latest Dun & Bradstreet Global Business Impact score highlights in increase in risk for businesses across the world. The nature of risk continues to change, with four new entries among our top ten risks, led by new uncertainties associated with President-elect Trump’s
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The FATCA Report: Ask, Analyse and Measure

The deadline for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is fast approaching. By December 31st 2016 you must have at least demonstrated some progress towards compliance. To help guide our customers through this process we have released The FATCA Report: Ask, Analyse and Measure. Given that some FIs have over two million accounts, it’s easy
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Special Briefing: The impact of US Presidential election result

Dun & Bradstreet Holds US Risk Rating Constant While Trump Transitions Dun & Bradstreet has held its Country Risk Rating for the US at DB2a following the election of Donald Trump as the next president. We have also reaffirmed our near-term growth forecasts, as the fundamentals of the US economy remain strong enough to absorb
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Is Anticipatory Analytics the Path Toward Future Truth?

New Whitepaper Explores the Arrival of Anticipatory Analytics Most everyone is familiar with the image of the eccentric fortune-teller gazing into her crystal ball to boldly predict the future. In the business world, teams of analytic experts are doing this everyday; they’re just using data instead of a crystal ball to get a glimpse into
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3 Steps for Breaking Down Data & Analytic Silos

Break Down the Walls to Achieve Better Business Outcomes One of the biggest challenges enterprises face is trying to gleam insights from data that’s trapped in the silos that exist across business units and organizational functions. Unfortunately, silos have made it hard to manage and analyze enterprise-wide data, making it difficult to identify the type
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Making FATCA and CRS a Friend and not a Foe

Saving time and money with a financial account classifier. The New York Times has referred to it as, “an American tax nightmare.” Other commentators have dubbed it, “the worst law nobody has ever heard of.” Less exasperated experts refer to it by its real name: the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA. FATCA is
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Top Five Hot Takeaways from ACAMS

With the EU Fourth Anti-money-laundering (AML) directive casting a long shadow over the regulatory landscape, delegates at the recent ACAMS AML and Financial Crime conference in London were understandably hungry for guidance and inspiration from an impressive array of speakers on tackling compliance complexities, achieving efficiency gains and balancing risk-appetites successfully. Out of the numerous
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Seeing the Human Face in Supply Chain Data

Moreen Romans has made a career of using data to help companies do right by the people in their supply chains. Human trafficking is her latest focus. Is there any topic in business less human-sounding than “big data?” Just about the only person who comes to mind when you hear the phrase is that cheesy,
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Human Trafficking: Cause and Cure

How Forced Labor Enters Your Supply Chain… And How to Keep It Out It’s hard to imagine a company actually condoning the use of human trafficking in its supply chain. No company would ask its suppliers to use forced labor. Yet more than 20 million men, women and children are still the victims of modern
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What’s Unseen Goes Unchecked: Exposing Hidden Risk in Your Supply Chain

First of two articles on how data and analytics let you achieve multi-tier visibility into your supply chain When you think about it, you would be hard-pressed to find a data-inspired creation of the digital age with more impact than GPS. Along with saving marriages from the strain of asking for directions and finding takeout
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Infographic: The 2016 State of Enterprise Analytics

How analytically-driven are today’s leading companies? It’s a question more and more organizations are asking themselves as they struggle to transform their data into actionable insights in order to drive growth. And while businesses of all shapes and sizes inspire to be analytically driven, most are not sure what that looks like. We surveyed over