Use Data to Connect & Inspire

Growth is the mantra for your sales and marketing teams. And the key to growth is creating outstanding experiences for your customers and prospects. In today’s world of digital commerce, this means using the data you have to unlock the truth about your customers. There’s a new art to making connections through data and building relationships on a broad scale. And leading marketers are making this new art a successful reality.

Improve Your Sales & Marketing Performance

Leveraging data and insights from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, our Sales and Marketing Solutions help optimize your data, analyze and segment key markets, target and engage prospects across channels, and access critical sales intelligence to close more business faster.

Central to the Data Cloud is Live Business Identity, a comprehensive and continually updated view of business relationships, delivering identity through the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number. It also provides valuable sales and marketing intelligence such as hierarchies and analytical insights including predictive and propensity indicators enabling the seamless integration of information across your entire organization.


Growth over two years by sourcing net new companies and contacts


Growth over two years by sourcing net new companies and contacts

Grow Your Most Valuable Relationships

Find your most valuable customers and prospects with precision, engage them with personalized content and accelerate pipeline with sales intelligence. By enabling your teams with the right data for every step of the customer journey, you can grow relationships at a speed and scale never before possible. Our solutions deliver a unified view of your customers, deep insight into their needs and seamless integration with partners to make the most of every interaction.

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Analyze and Identify Customer Profiles

Create a common data foundation to develop more impactful go-to-market strategies.

Forrester states 80% of firms struggle to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of their business data. This can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue, which is why it's so critical to create a unified view of your data and enable teams to identify ideal prospects and segment key markets.

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Target Audiences Across Channels

Improve ROI and drive growth with consistent online and offline audience targeting.

Top-performing organizations leverage business data and analytics as a competitive advantage to accelerate the buyer’s journey. That starts with identifying and targeting the right audiences across channels, creating personalized buying experiences, and aligning sales and marketing more effectively.

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Engage and Nurture Your Prospects

Nurture the right prospects across channels to accelerate the buyer’s journey

According to the Winterberry Group, 85% of firms struggle to consistently identify target audiences across media channels – including websites. This means missed opportunities to accelerate and personalize the buyer’s journey, which is why identifying accounts across channels is critical.

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Empower Sales to Close Business Faster

Help increase the average deal size and convert more sales leads into customers.

40% of B2B marketers don’t feel their sales teams have the right account intelligence to engage successfully with prospects and sales leads. With access to quality leads and deep company intelligence, sales teams will be empowered to spend less time searching and more time selling.

frequently asked questions

You have invested in a powerful CRM or ERP application but the quality of the data could be better. This is a problem faced by many companies. Dun & Bradstreet can help you normalise, rationalise, update, enhance and maintain your data and remove duplicate records.

Clean database

Data ages rapidly. Changes affect from 30 to 40% of the data in your database annually. Businesses relocate, merge or change their names and contact persons change jobs. A contaminated database can easily cost thousands of euros a year in wasted marketing funds and your sales department's time. Containing more than 265 million records, D&B's business database is the largest in the world and enables you to improve the quality of your data and optimise data management. A clean database works more efficiently and saves you costs.

Data as a Service

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes by making external information available directly in your applications.


Databases soon become contaminated. Save costs and work more effectively by keeping your database clean, complete, accurate and up to date.


Start with a clean database when implementing a CRM or ERP system and ensure that the data remain clean and up to date.

Cleanse and enhance

Deduplicate update and organise the data in your systems and add valuable, additional D&B information.

When you invest in an expensive acquisition campaign, you want the highest possible response and conversion and you want the new customers you attract to become long-term customers who also pay their invoices. Take this into account when selecting the target group for your b2b campaigns.

Profitable prospects

Using smart prospecting and focusing on the best prospects increases the likelihood of your campaigns being successful in the long term as well as the short term. The question revolves around how you select the prospects. D&B's reference database enables you to compile a profile of your best customers. You can use this profile as a basis for searching D&B's marketing database for lookalikes, i.e. companies that are similar to your existing customers and who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. If you then segment these prospects according to c their reditworthiness and exclude the highest risk group, you ensure that the sales resulting from your campaign will actually be paid for and you guarantee the long-term success of your campaign.

New business

Successful acquisition starts with selecting the right prospects, and a high response and high conversion for your campaigns.

Selection criteria

Make detailed selections based on numerous criteria in the world's biggest marketing database of companies.


Make a profile of your best customers and search the D&B database for similar prospects, with a high likelihood of scoring.

Selecting the right target group is the key to success for every marketing campaign. It assures a high response and lower costs. A direct marketing or telemarketing campaign is expensive, so a wide reach and high conversion rate are extremely important.

Targeted prospecting

If you do not want to use a shotgun approach or if you are not willing to wait for stacks of postal returns, you need D&B. The D&B database assures you of high-quality prospect files with a high likelihood of conversion. D&B's tools make it easy for you to produce a profile of your best customers and to enter a search string to find prospects with the same profile in the D&B database. You can quickly and simply select your target group on the basis of numerous criteria. You can also make use of D&B's expertise for analyses and advice on smart prospecting.


Keep your data clean, complete, accurate and up to date. A contaminated prospect database or customer database results in you missing opportunities and incurring unnecessary costs.


Make a profile of your best customers and search the D&B database for similar prospects, with a high likelihood of scoring.

DM campaign

Mailing to the wrong addresses or irrelevant prospects is a waste of money and leads to a low response and ROI.


Telemarketing is not cheap. High-quality data providing the right telephone number and contact person (DMU) is essential for success.

Feeding your business systems with accurate, complete, up-to-date and consistent information is extremely important for practically all your business processes. It enables you to use your systems and applications more effectively and efficiently.

Access data in your own applications

You can benefit in numerous ways from using relevant external information and consolidating it in your systems. You keep your database clean throughout your organisation. You can validate and enhance your customer details and prospect information from within your CRM application. Information becomes accessible in your own ERP environment and you can use it to automate your acceptance process and improve your score model. Your management reports will acquire added value and you will create business intelligence. You can use D&B data in a simple, flexible and cost-effective manner, whenever you like and in the system of your choice! For example, links are provided to Exact,, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Onguard and CreditTools.

Plug-in or custom-built integration

A standard plug-in is available for many applications. For other applications or if more customisation is necessary, a customised link can be built using web services.


You can automatically integrate valuable D&B information in your critical business applications. All the information required is available in a single environment.

Data cleansing

Check, improve, enhance and analyse data before you import them into your systems. This enables you to keep your database clean and up to date.

Business Intelligence

Combine external data with your own international information and create valuable analyses and reports.

It is a recognised fact that attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing customer. But are you aware that there are often many opportunities among your existing customers?

Insight into corporate group structures

Perhaps your sales volume to a very large company is relatively small. Or your 'small customer' may turn out to be part of a large corporate group. You can use information from D&B to expose new opportunities and possibilities in your existing customer portfolio. Their likelihood of success is much higher than that of cold leads. The additional data in the D&B database clearly shows what your 'share of wallet' is among your customers and which customers deserve more time and attention. D&B's corporate linkage clearly show where your further opportunities lie. If your customer is part of a larger whole, such as a corporate group structure, the businesses in that group are also more likely to be interested in your products and services. You already have an ideal reference. Make better decisions by leveraging D&B corporate linkage to increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Warm acquisition

Cold acquisition is difficult. Why not use the contacts you already have? There are often many opportunities among existing customers.

Turnover growth

Utilise the full potential of your existing customers.An existing customer will be more willing to purchase additional services from you than from another supplier.

Customer knowledge

The more you know about your customers, the more you can be of service to them. Moreover, you increase their loyalty and identify new opportunities.

Share of wallet

What is your turnover within the entire corporate group structure? Who are your strategic customers and which customers could you expand?

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